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Refund / Changeback policy

Cubedcraft does not allow for refunds. We ask that you please make an educated decision as to whether or not you want to donate to our server. If you attempt to chargeback your donation, your Minecraft account and IP will be permanently banned from accessing our server. You may also be banned from our Store

We do not offer refund services!

If you have not recieved your rank after 15 minutes of purchase, please relog. If you still do not have it after 15 min contact us at email: support@cubedcraft.com


If you chargeback, you will be perm banned from CubedCraft Network.

Donations through this webstore are only associated with CubedCraft. CubedCraft is not affiliated with Mojang AB. Minecraft is copyright of Mojang AB


Payments are handled and secured by PayPal and Stripe.


Support: support@cubedcraft.com

CubedCraft Ip: Mc.cubedcraft.com